Eddie's Son



Ingo Maurer, Eckard Knuth

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Eddie’s Son from Ingo Maurer is a pendant lamp that plays with the hologram of a bulb. If Eddie’s Son is enabled, a colourful 360° projection of a classic bulb appears on the light-screen.

The pendant lamp consists of synthetic and metal. The illuminant is included in the delivery package. To enable the lamp, the manufacturer suggests 1 x GY6.35 Osram Ministar 50W Halogen, 230/125/12V.

The hologram lamp should not be exposed to direct sun


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Hanging lamp rust-effect exterior and interior white lacquer. The pendant is maintained by a steel wire (length 79") and...


Hanging lamp made from white ribbons woven on a circular white steel structure. Two meters of electrical cable.

H 14"...

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