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The designer’s intention was to come up with a family of low, occasional, and bedside tables which are both practical and simple. All in solid wood, the tables are capable of revealing both the beauty of their materials and the craftsmanship of their assembly. If the twin tops serve to add to the table’s functional capacity, then the cross-shaped arrangement only further underlines the quality of the construction.
The use of black-stained ash, a contrasting color and type of wood, for the base fully accentuates the richness and warmth of the solid walnut tops. Each piece of wood is carefully selected for its color and grain. Finally, the visible joints where the legs connect to the tops are not only decorative in purpose but also highlight the perfect precision of the table’s construction.
Structure and base in solid black-stained ash; tops in solid American walnut. Cabinet-work assembly.


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Hanging lamp rust-effect exterior and interior white lacquer. The pendant is maintained by a steel wire (length 79") and...


Hanging lamp made from white ribbons woven on a circular white steel structure. Two meters of electrical cable.

H 14"...

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