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@-chair is an armchair for our time, perfectly adapted for a diversity and multiplicity of uses, its highly contemporary design completely in line with the habitual style of Toshiyuki Kita. The armchair is primarily designed for working at a computer for long periods in a comfortable position: particular significance has been given to the fact that quality of posture has a great influence on a person's general wellbeing. It was in this spirit that the @-servant, an occasional table surface on castors, was also developed: this slides perfectly to the side to create a perfectly adapted work surface. By inclining the back using the aluminium button concealed beneath the armrest, the armchair is transformed into a comfortable chaise longue - and it is here that another characteristic of @-chair makes perfect sense. It is actually possible to order an optional footrest (NB this cannot be sat on like a conventional footstool) on castors which pivots to the right or left of the armchair (to be determined at time of ordering) and which aligns with the seat of the armchair to provide a comfortable resting-place for the legs. Thus, @-chair can be transformed from a work chair to a relax chair in a matter of seconds. Given the quality and elegance of its design and the possibilities for use which it offers, @-chair will be just as perfectly at home in a sitting room as a complement to a settee, as it will in a bedroom or office.


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