The way we think about things...

Great art – great ideas – will always endure.
The wheel of time will run over many man's work - and push it into oblivion. But things really good will survive the grind of time and enhance our lives whenever and where ever our eyes meet them.

The question is, how to make unique things available to as many as possible, not only to be seen in a museum, in a vault, in a secret hideaway.

With furniture, we feel that good ideas can and should be reproduced and made available to as many as possible.

That is why Adelta have sought out really outstanding pieces of furniture for reproduction. The first ones were those by Eliel Saarinen, created during the early part of this century and once almost lost from sight. But thanks to the understanding attitude by the Saarinen heirs and the museums involved, the Saarinen furniture is now available to the discerning buyer.

And more are joining the Adelta Collection – to mention the plastic furniture designs made by Eero Aarnio.

So that is how we feel and think about things, and we feel this is not a bad philosophy to adhere to.

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Le Belle Arti is extremely proud to be one of the longest standing modern furniture store and design centre in Canada.



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