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Biffi Luce derives from creativity, artisan workmanship and a passion for that which is beautiful and functional. With the conviction that the refinement of action and courageous decisions are at the base of any successful company, we have always dedicated a great deal of attention to the development of the particulars, the core and the value of all our products.

The magic of the moment is developed through sophisticated design and a constant desire to further improvement. There is a very precise reason why we organise social and informational opportunities for our customers and sector professionals: to spread awareness about and produce products that are as perfect, flexible and versatile as possible to better fulfil our customers' expectations and highlight their objectives.

Emotions under their true light – the revolution of shape is highlight by our lighting fixtures. We have researched the hues and emphasised the scenographic potential with innovative and technologically advanced light fixtures. Creativity and productivity in synergy have given rise to lighting made from the finest materials so that light becomes a real protagonist – now and in the future.

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Le Belle Arti is extremely proud to be one of the longest standing modern furniture store and design centre in Canada.



Verner Panton

The fixture emits a soft and comfortable illumination. The hemispherical...


Arne Jacobsen

The fixture emits downward directed light. The angle of the shade can be...

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