Born out of a decade-long family tradition and worked in a small, best known for the production of high quality furniture place in northern Italy, the brand is recognizable Flexform for about half a century. During the last twenty years Flexform has designed a comprehensive set of products and produces, have found their place in the history of Italian design.

Flexform has explored all possible aspects of the expectations carefully to seat comfort, best harmony and honesty, quality and creativity praised. A fruitful relationship between production and design has emerged. The reason for this is the successful creative interaction of successive generations of designers. Cini 8oeri to Joe Colombo, with its distinctive "Tube" chair by Sergio Asti and Rodolfo Bonetto, inventor of the famous "Boomerang". Today the clean modern Inventive is quiet by designer Antonio Citterio, who is also the leader line for the current Flexform models recognizable. also the historical products of the past as the designers Asnago, Vender and Mucchi are also in the presence of meaning. for a long memory effect in the present and open to the future are Flexform products, products that can accompany us into a new millennium. touchstones within as much inspiring as difficult journey Prove the acquisitions and the uncertainties of an age. Flexible and hartnaäckige performer of a true question of convenience and beauty. designers thanks to a perfect balance between design and production Flexform has been able to produce a stimulating interaction with several generations of designers: from Cini Boeri to Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti to Rodolfo Bonetto. Nowadays joined by the clear, imaginative designs by Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava, who to a large extent the impact on the recent history of Flexform, important works of the "Modern Movement" of the Lombard rationalists Asnago e Vender.

Today Come to you a new project. Flexform Mood, a complete, consisting of about forty articles collection, the American designer John Hutton created specifically for apartment His works are characterized by quality, charm, taste and a classic essentiality. Hutton combines modern design with the principles of classical music, creating a process by which transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. products philosophy FLEXFORM is a company whose models timeless, objective and simple, but also teen casual. During the last decades has been of FLEXFORM much developed and tested, which is clearly evident in the existing collection: creativity, harmony, despite rigor and quality. Many FLEXFORM models have their origin in traditional style that fit with its clear design in the presence and by your timeless character in the 21st Century will not lose its appeal.

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