“As a family business, we incorporate the things that are important to us into each of our products: aesthetics, quality, longevity and a great
passion for ideas.”

“The family business Lübke & Rolf (later Lübke KG), which manufactured tables and chairs, had existed in Rheda since 1918. Two of the Lübkes, namely my grandfather Leo Lübke and his brother Hans, dreamt at the time of building their own career. In 1937, they left the firm and moved to nearby Wiedenbrück, where they became self-employed and quickly made a name for themselves as Gebrüder Lübke’ (Lübke Bros.).”

Flashes of Inspiration

“Must a sliding door always slide? Wouldn’t it be nicer if a cupboard door were to glide effortlessly and soundlessly to one side?
And what would we need to do to make a cupboard door float?

“Questions such as these were asked when we started developing the floating door, which actually does glide suspended from rollers instead of having to be pushed along in rails. At the time, this was a minor revolution. Today, as with many interlübke innovations, it numbers among the good standards in furniture design.”

“For decades, we have repeatedly created pioneering furniture in which people kept fashions, music, literature, photos, souvenirs – in brief, the accessories of their lives. Today, with many of these accessories being able to fit on to a chip the size of a fingernail, we have once again created a completely new furniture genre: bookless. As a kind of modern, oversized type case, bookless accommodates all the things that we like to have around us, show and enjoy on a daily basis. bookless is therefore a great example of how homely furnishings can be in a digital age.”

“What exactly does it mean, ‘furnishing the future’?
It means always thinking one step further. Always being just that little bit ahead of the dreams and wishes of our customers. Not accepting any compromises when it comes to design, quality and functionality.

These are grand words, I know. But that is the core of what we have been doing for seventy-five years.”

“It is actually quite simple: taken together, many fine distinctions produce one big distinction. One that stands for the difference between ‘quite good’ and ‘very good’. And one that therefore never ceases to give us pleasure. It is this fine difference that makes people so enthusiastic about interlübke.”

Tomorrow and beyond

“Naturally, like many other companies we could have relocated our production to cheaper Eastern Europe or just packed everything off to the Far East. Theoretically, anyway. In practical terms, that would have meant handing over control of our manufacturing and material quality. We would be giving away all those ideas that emerge from the direct interaction between developers and experienced production staff.
We would no longer be able to make interlübke furniture in precisely the dimensions, surfaces and functionalities that a customer wishes for.
We would, in other words, betray our-selves and our convictions.
That is why, here in east Westphalia, the heart of the German furniture industry, where we find numerous highly skilled partners and staff, we are in exactly the right place.”

“The term ‘sustainability’ doesn’t say a lot to me as it’s now become so commonplace. However, the idea behind it has always concerned us. We make furniture that does not end up in the street after two house moves, but accompanies its owners throughout and beyond living and life phases. Furniture that is manufactured exclusively in Germany, and thus in accordance with the world’s most demanding environmental and social standards. And which is therefore in the best sense – well – sustainable.”

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