Since the very beginning, its initial production structure has been marked by enormous vitality and a strong desire to experiment and innovate, especially in glass processing applications. This drive has allowed the company to transform itself rapidly into a recognized and prestigious industrial entity. Rimadesio’s attention to defining the architectural aspects of the rooms that characterize its current collection formed in the early eighties with realization of Modulo, a pioneering example of a mirrored, fully accessorized wall. The project was designed by Martino Perego and represented the essence of all the main characteristics of every Rimadesio proposal: versatility in the composition, breadth of stylistic definition, functionality, and reliability. In 1992, the company decided to channel its energy into a completely new product line for the decorator sector. Glass and aluminium shaped with innovative and technologically-advanced techniques create a large and varied collection of systems for partitioning internal spaces. Doors, sliding panels, shelving systems, wardrobes, and tables. All under the banner of the most precise design and clear and evident sensitivity for the environment: aluminium and glass are 100% recyclable. Aluminium and glass become the two ‘manifesto materials' of the design vision at Rimadesio, to give shape to an exceptional variety of proposals designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Starting with Siparium, the first patented system of aluminium and glass sliding panels, created exclusively to measure. The project involved the company in an extensive study and engineering phase, with an initial investment of more than 3 billion of the former Italian lire. Today, it is the company's hottest selling item. Its success is emphasized by the sheer number of imitations that have been produced around the world.

The new millennium marked an even bigger development at Rimadesio. To cope with increasing demand, the company moved to a new industrial complex in Giussano, north of Milan. Even larger and more functional (21,000 m2 of surface area employing a staff of 106), the complex plays host to offices, showrooms, and a sophisticated production area, that produces flat glass and aluminium profiles using completely automated means, integrated with the company information system.

The advanced design capacity, the quality of the materials used and the consequent superior safety have allowed the company to expand rapidly within and beyond Italy. The Rimadesio brand is a recognized name in key countries in the European Community, especially France and Spain, in addition to the emerging economies of Eastern Europe and several markets on the other side of the world, including Japan and the United States. Both of these markets also have demonstrated exceptional potential for growth.

The company's constant growth and development were mainly achieved thanks to careful and responsive commercial policies which have led Rimadesio to open flagship showrooms in Italy and abroad and create large Rimadesio corners in retail outlets, with a high degree of brand and style recognition.

Milan, Monza, Rome, Bologna, Palermo, Catania, New York, Paris, Barcelona, San Paolo, Shanghai, Taipei, Chicago and Vienna are the tangible evidence of the evolution taking place at Rimadesio, of the design on which its history was built and is successfully continuing today.

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