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Last year, overwhelmed by the social crisis that affected the entire world, we became aware of the need for change in lifestyles and in consumer patterns especially. We answered with responsible products, of reasoned durability, and our work in close and direct collaboration with the designers. We have been heard, and the most innovative products have been able to reach their public. Some creations are about to become carpet references of their time as they bring this “extra touch of spirit” that was missing in an increasingly standardized offer, and we are proud to share this success with our designers. Convinced of our approach, we present here products that will surprise you, and we hope, will seduce you as they have seduced us, whether signed or not. This new catalog, together with its accessories (pompom box, quality samples box, totems…) reflects the work done in recent years to respond to your expectations and even more, to your taste.

It is amongst the hours spent by the designers to polish their creations in order to express their vision of the present, and in the days of our weavers’ work endlessly renewing their ancestral gestures in the respect of the tradition, that one can fi nd this quest for accuracy which makes the quality of our rugs. For over 40 years, we have learnt to bind close links with our production workshops, in a permanent exchange of tradition and modernity, movement and serenity, following or very often introducing new evolutions in the rug fi eld. This collaboration has always been conducted in mutual respect, and more and more towards environmental and social standards, at the heart of the development of a country like India that we see evolving with each one of our quarterly journeys.

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Le Belle Arti is extremely proud to be one of the longest standing modern furniture store and design centre in Canada.



Hanging lamp rust-effect exterior and interior white lacquer. The pendant is maintained by a steel wire (length 79") and...


Hanging lamp made from white ribbons woven on a circular white steel structure. Two meters of electrical cable.

H 14"...

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